King Julian

I’ve known this wonderfully paranoid and beauteously charismatic person, since I was a mere two years of age. I gained lots of memories with her, and for that I thank her.
KJ and I played Peter Pan together at the age of four. I hit her over the head with a plastic frying pan, and she threw up all over the table, then making me start projectile vomiting on her. She forgave me. I think.
She gets her fabulous nickname from a rare birthmark, that graces the side of her face. It is the shape of Africa. It even has a small Madagascar on it, and what with her stunning musicality she was soon connected to her namesake, the dancing lemur king.
She love donuts, and drawing moustaches. She’s brilliant at running, but needs to practice her cello more often.



Pencils, a friend of two years, is tall, with short ginger hair. She lives with her iPod – it’s like she couldn’t live without it. She is a very musical person.
She lives by a strange philosophy;

If you’re optimistic you are always disappointed, so be pessimistic, that way you’re either right or pleasantly surprised.

which, true though it may be, can be quite depressing. But she isn’t always depressing- Pencils is also a truly funny person, in her own sarcastic way. Sarcasm really cheers me up. No seriously.
The thing is I’m not sure why she is such a brilliant friend, but she is. Pencils is brilliant at art and she could quote Supernatural word for word. She listens when she wants to and then gives her input. She’s great the way she is and nobody should change that.

PS She earned her name in ikea, the home of the free pencil.