KIm’s Strory: Part 1

This is the start of a fictional story based on a good friend of mine. She’ll probably hate me for this but hey… 

She turned on her heel, looking back at the shallow lake behind her. It was a dark shade of aqua, so very dark that on first glance, one would think it was black.
However, this wasn’t her first glance. Kimberley had lived in this town, of around 200,000 people, for her entire life and she knew this area like the back of her hand. But better.
Kim looked up, suddenly alert. The action caused her unruly hair to take an even more unusual shape. She searched the scene, with her eyes, wondering what had startled her.
At that moment a motorcycle roared past, and the rider, donning dark jeans, a leather jacket and a black helmet, shouted something seemingly inaudible.
He shouted once again, and his voice, carried by the wind, swiftly reached Kimberley. “How’s life as a ginger?” His voice spoke, or perhaps screamed depending on opinion.
“It’s not ginger,” Kim replied, easily aggravated, “It’s strawberry blond!” A hint of playfulness completed her tone.
The bike, a Harley Davidson it seems, came to a sharp halt. In one swift manoeuvre, he had turned the bike and it was speeding towards Kim.
Any normal seventeen year old would be terrified, but Kim knew better and stayed exactly still, watching, waiting. As the rider disembarked off his vehicle, removing his helmet and taking the key from the ignition, Kimberley was taken aback by his good looks, though if you asked her she would refuse to admit such a thing.
“Hey, I don’t know if you recognise me, I’m Connor Campbell,” he introduced himself with a half smile adorning his lips, “We used to be in Geography class together. Kimberley, right?”


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