Pencils, a friend of two years, is tall, with short ginger hair. She lives with her iPod – it’s like she couldn’t live without it. She is a very musical person.
She lives by a strange philosophy;

If you’re optimistic you are always disappointed, so be pessimistic, that way you’re either right or pleasantly surprised.

which, true though it may be, can be quite depressing. But she isn’t always depressing- Pencils is also a truly funny person, in her own sarcastic way. Sarcasm really cheers me up. No seriously.
The thing is I’m not sure why she is such a brilliant friend, but she is. Pencils is brilliant at art and she could quote Supernatural word for word. She listens when she wants to and then gives her input. She’s great the way she is and nobody should change that.

PS She earned her name in ikea, the home of the free pencil.


Mango (the one with tusks)

Mango. A wonderful listener. She’s often mistaken as unsociable, but really she’s just quiet. Until she grabs a clarinet. Or saxophone. She truly is the spirit of jazz. She’s great at music and archery – Mango is good at running, rounders, hockey.
The next girl was more quiet, her “tusks” swaying slightly in the gentle breeze. that’s how I first described her in My Friends and I. With her big brown eyes her hair matches perfectly; a lightish brown colour, mostly straight/wavy. With tusks.
Mango has the habit of tucking to pieces of her hair behind her ears. The curve around giving her, what all of her friends call, “tusks”.
Mangoes great to hang around, and, though she can be pessimistic, she can easily lift the mood. She’s the metaphorical knife cutting right through the tension.

To understand my blog properly you should probably read this

I have lots of friends, but five of them are particularly important to me.
These people have code names to protect their privacy. Mango, Pencils, King Julian, Bertie-Moos and Sloth. I mentioned all of these people in a post before (In the Eyes of a Past Acquaintance: My Friends and I) but I shied from giving them names.
The list of names are a bit strange but they are inside jokes. Old stories about jazz music, ikea, birthmarks and cows. These are great people and have influenced me quite a bit. Some of them over time, but others I have known for two years at the most…
I will have other posts to describe them so look out for that.

I’m Really Sorry

I know I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I’m not sure what I want this blog to represent or amount to. What should it be about? I don’t know the answer, so I ask you, what should this blog include? Would you like me to write more or less? It’s up to you!
Post comments telling me what you would like to see more/less of in this blog.