Weird Dreams

Last night I had a really weird dream. I was in high school. It was a boarding school, with wheels. It moved around England but today it had stopped by the sea. The school decided to hold a swimming competition. And since this was no ordinary school we were all given a special cream which meant we could swim and breathe in water colder than 0’C. When I went to get this cream I fell over, well actually I was tripped, and I fell right onto someone. They grabbed hold of my feet and wouldn’t let go, I looked up at their face for the first time and it turns out it was someone from my primary school. I winked at him and he winked back, then my brother jumped on his head and started hitting him, shouting, “RUN!”.
So I ran but instead of going to the swimming contested I caught a bus back to my house. A regular on my bus was getting married and there she was wearing her wedding dress. Another person I know (who has recently gained 97 pencils) was her bridesmaid. I got off the bus with them deciding I wanted to go to the wedding, completely forgetting that I was wearing only a swimming costume and goggles. When I got of the bus everyone had disappeared and I was stood in the middle of an empty Manchester, freezing cold.
And then something strange happened. I spotted a penguin. And it was following me. So I carried on walking trying to lose the penguin, but then I walked into a massive foot. It was twice the size of a double decker and it was smelly. It was a legend, a leg end. A foot! In the middle of Manchester.
Then I woke up. This was my actual dream last night.


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