I My Life Was A Story, I’d Be The Author

No one else I going to write it for you. It’s up to you where your tale takes you, that’s why I’ve always thought it best to stray away from relying on others – if you want something doing properly do it yourself. You’re the one that decides what action you’re going to take. If you’re part of a team take your task and do it properly because no one else will do it for you, and if you don’t do your task properly no one else will do their own properly meaning the whole project will be unsuccessful.
Yet somethings can not be done alone. For example, you can’t stop global warming alone, but if everyone did their bit we would soon see the difference.
If we all recycled, reused and reduced the world would be a better place. But not all people listen, so if one person that didn’t usually recycle, reuse or reduce began the world would be a better place, and one-by-one people would begin to listen and maybe they will help make the difference.
So if you think that you can’t make a difference you’re wrong. Completely, absolutely and utterly wrong. You are the difference.

I know that I contradict myself a lot in that text but what I’m trying to say is the environment can’t write it’s own story, we have to write it.


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