Easter Hangover

This is the time of year were everyone has collected their Easter eggs and has finished their lent (if they lasted that long) but lets face it by next week we’ll all be sick.
After that much chocolate none of us are going to be feeling… swell. And that’s not really a great way to start spring is it?
Could you imagine if a little bunny was hopping about and then you just threw up on it and it drowned in your vomit, mingin’. So, if you’ve got tons of chocolate give it to me, just in case you kill a rabbit, and become a bad person.

Only kidding. Enjoy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Easter Hangover

  1. none of us got much chocolate (i just got 1 of those little bunnies) so i was like ‘what, are you actually taking this healthy thing seriously’ but it turns out not, they just went shopping on saturday night and everything was sold out 😦

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